Daisy's Motto: If you're having fun, you're doing it right.


Seeds of Vibrance is a one-woman company owned by Daisy Steinfort, started with the intent to create vibrant, holistic health via small, simple changes- "seeds" of vibrant being.

Everything big starts from something small- one cell, one step, one connection, one note, one seemingly tiny action, a single seed. 

Continue adding small things to other small things, and it can start to make a bigger and bigger difference. In health, in happiness, in well-being, in self-love, in growth. Making small positive changes and taking single steps is how we get to places we couldn't have even fathomed before that first one. 

Daisy is a Denver native who has worked as a health coach and advisor for the last 4 years. She's a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher, AcroFit trainer, and Thai Bodywork practioner; with 4+ years of background in AcroYoga and Thai Bodywork, and a passion for healthy food, movement, and PLAY.  She’s also pretty spiritually inclined, having worked with Tarot and Spirit Guide readings for the last 5 years and more, and getting more into Akashic record work this year. As of late 2018 she’ll be offering Energetic Property Readings & Clearings, and coming in 2019 she’ll be offering Personal Energy Readings & Clearings. Stay tuned to her social media channels for updates on offerings!

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